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Heart Cross Stitch Hoops Kit (S/3)

This embroidery kit contains everything you need to make 3 x 9cm embroidered cross stitch heart hoops.

Suitable for beginners or experienced crafters, the 3 hearts included are cream with pink, rust with cream and peach with red.

Because the kit contains a template and fabric pen, you can carry on making as many hearts as you like, just use your own supplies, or order extras from my shop.

They look great hung around the house on pegs and door handles or even on your Christmas tree!

Embroidery kit for beginners

This embroidery hoop kit is recommended for beginners or experienced crafters. The stitch used for this kit is cross stitch, which is ideal for anyone who hasn't tried any embroidery before, but also a lovely kit for anyone who has.

    By Cotton Clara


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